30 Hour Famine

School: Stony Mountain School

On Thursday, April 22nd, and continued through to Friday, April 23rd, at approximately 3 p.m., ten Grade 8 students from Stony Mountain School participated in a 30 hour famine (S.S. Cluster 2, 7-VC-004). Mrs. Fenske, Ms. Hadfield, and Ms. Wiebe chaperoned students during the course of the 30 hours. The famine began with a pancake breakfast and closed with a soup and salad meal. The students received regular water and 100 % fruit juice and vegetable juice breaks throughout the 30 hours. The students were asked to submit a 500 word essay and raise money for World Vision. As part of the 30 hours, the group volunteered their time at Ten Thousand Villages and Winnipeg Harvest. They traveled to Winnipeg on Thursday evening to fulfill that obligation. Following the work experience, they spent the night at the school. This group raised $4125.00. Students had a great time and shared a most valuable learning experience.

Links and Resources:
Ten Thousand Villages, 134 Plaza Drive, Wpg
Winnipeg Harvest, Winnipeg Ave, Wpg
30 Hour Famine website, World Vision