David Suzuki Virtual Classroom

School: Warren Elementary School

The Grade 8 class at Warren Elementary School joined with the National Film Board (NFB) in the first ever virtual interactive classroom. Students did some preliminary work on the impact of human life on Earth and the need to live sustainable lifestyles. They viewed the DVD on David Suzuki's final lecture, then submitted questions to the David Suzuki Foundation. From hundreds of entries, two of our students were selected to discuss their questions live with David Suzuki via webcast. Middle schools and high schools from across Canada participated in the live broadcast. Follow-up after the webcast included class discussions of questions and answers, student responses to a virtual classroom format, and class projects related to topics discussed in the webcast. Two students were interviewed by national media and the story was picked up by international press.


 1. Keep checking the NFB website as they are planning/hoping to organize more virtual classrooms with high profile speakers.

 2. Consider partnering with another classroom via SKYPE to share ideas and projects or to have discussions and/or debates on related topics.

Links and Resources:
National Film Board of Canada
150 John Street
Toronto, ON     M5V3C3
DVD title: David Suzuki - His Final Lecture