Earth Day Celebration

School: Woodlands Elementary

To celebrate Earth Day at Woodlands the entire school (K-8) began the afternoon by watching a film that highlighted the beauty of the earth and of Canada. After viewing the film, students returned to their homerooms where they read a story together explaining how every action, small or big, can make a difference and help the earth.

Next, the class cut out shapes of animals or leaves on recycled paper. On these sheets of paper the students wrote out a promise of something they will try to do from now on that will help the earth. The students placed their cut outs onto a tree in the hallway made of recycled materials.

The project took approximately one hour to complete and met ELA outcomes Outcome 1: Express Ideas; Consider Others' Ideas (1.1.1) and Outcome 1: Develop Understanding (1.2.1); Extend Understanding (1.2.4) among others.

The project utilized recycled construction paper, cardboard, and other types of scrap or recycled paper to make the school tree and the cut outs.

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