Garage Sale

School: Warren Elementary

With the help of their teachers, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Riddell (guidance counselor), the grade three students at Warren Elementary School developed their own "make change" social action project. The students planned and put on a garage sale for the school population and community.

The grade three students held their garage sale on Friday, May 21st from 10:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. in the school gym. Also during the week of May 17th-21st each classroom was given a hand painted ladybug jar for students to donate any loose change.

The grade three class had been involved in The Ladybug Foundation Program that was derived from the experience and example of Hannah Taylor. It is a program that teaches young children to get involved and make change in their community. Mrs. Riddell started this program with the students in early January of this year.

The grade three students asked each family at Warren Elementary to donate two to three items to their worthwhile endeavaour. The grade three students were allowed to donate as many items as they wanted and some even baked some amazing tasty treats! The response from everyone was fantastic.

At the end of May the grade three students, along with Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Riddell and a few parent volunteers, delivered all their donations to the Siloam Mission in Winnipeg. While they were there they got a guided tour of the facility to see how their donations would be put to use. It was an amazing experience that the students will never forget!

Links and Resources:
Sara Enns (Siloam Mission) Contact: 956-4344
Books: The Ladybug Foundation Education Program Inc. Grade 3