Habitat for Humanities

School: Stonewall Collegiate Institute

With the help of Ms. Easterbrook 16 grade 11 and 12 students participated in Stonewall Collegiate's first Habitat for Humanity project. The students undertaking the project had to successfully complete a safety component and attend regular planning meetings in preparation for Build Day on May 20th,2011. The Habitat for Humanity Project initiative had students framing and doing preparation work prior to the actual builders coming. These homes are constucted for low income, first time home owners and part of the requirement is the perspective owners log 500 hours of labour towards the construction of their new home. Students worked along side these individuals honing their labour skills and learning about the world that others live in. This project met curricular outcomes on many levels, including; humanities, science & safety, math, and sustainable development. Putting this project together was relatively seemless with the help and support of the Highschool Habitat for Humanity program. Ms. Easterbrook contacted the build coordinator who provided students with equipment including: gloves, steel-toed shoes, and tool belts. The build coordinator scheduled the hours with Ms. Easterbrook. The first Habitat project was so successful that SCI has established a group that continues these efforts year to year. The group fundraises and promotes habitat awareness.

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