Haiti Relief Efforts

School: Teulon Elementary

The grade three staff and students of Teulon Elementary School were shocked to hear of the disaster that hit Haiti on January 12th, 2010, especially after they realized their classmate, Cheyenne, had a connection to the devastated country. Her sister, Rebecca, was raised in an orphanage in Haiti from the age of 18 months to 2.5 years. The orphanage was destroyed in the magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Her sister who is now four came to Canada in 2007.

After completing their study of Africa and participating in the UNICEF campaign, the grade three's recognized their responsibility toward social justice. Cheyenne offered her talent of violin playing to raise money for the rebuilding of the orphanage. Her classmates were sparked and decided to practice a musical number with the help of their music teacher. On February 1, 2010, the grade three's presented, at a school assembly, interesting facts about Haiti, its people, and their lifestyle. Parents, family and community members were invited as well as the entire school. The grade three's performed an appropriate, beautiful vocal selection. The assembly then enjoyed a musical performance by Cheyenne and her sister Katie on their violins followed by a native Haitian guest speaker, ( a new immigrant to Canda) who gave first hand information about Haiti.

As students filed into the assembly, their donations were placed into Cheyenne's violin case which overflowed with a grand total of $2044.50. This money was then forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross for relief efforts in Haiti. This amount was matched by the Canadian government.

The project matched the learning outcomes 3.3.1.Locating Communities, 3.3.2 Living with the Land, 3.3.6 Cultural Diversity, 3.2.3 Human Rights, and 3.2.4 Personal Responsibilities. The core concept covered was Citizenship.

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Speaker - Mrs. Barb Rieder