Hearts and Hands for Haiti

School: Rosser Elementary

The entire staff and students of Rosser Elementary took part in this initiative.

When the Haiti Earthquake occurred, the staff and students were concerned and wanted to do something meaningful for the children there. Raising money has been a response in the past, but when the Mennonite Central Committee put out a request for blankets our focus became more personal. Our project took place near Valentine's Day which made the Hearts part of the project significant.

Material was purchased and cut out. Parents and communtiy volunteers came to help with the construction of the quilts. Once they were sewn the children became involved. The older students learned how to sew together the layers and tie knots. Then they worked with partners in the younger grades to teach them. It was a two day project. Once they were tied, the quilts were turned over and each child put their handprint and name on the quilts. This particular project made a much stronger connection between the children in need and the children at Rosser School.

Links and Resources
We used the Mennonite Central Committee website to get the dimensions of the quilts and further information on making them.