Operation Donation

School: Teulon Elementary School

During the week of February 27 - March 2, 2012, students and staff at Teulon Elementary School were involved in collecting food items for Operation Donation. The MY Voice committee spearheaded this food drive. They created posters and spoke to classes to promote the need for food in local food banks. On the Thursday of that week, all students and staff gathered in the gym to see which classroom could create the longest line with the food items they had collected. All food items collected this week were donated to the Teulon and Area Food Bank. Winnipeg Harvest matched our donations.

 The Teulon and Area Food Bank has been the MY Voice local action for the year and we have donated several grocery carts of food throughout the year.

This school year students have been learning about being thankful for what they have, and have been active citizens in helping with a local cause.

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