Plastic Bag Round-up Challenge

School: Stony Mountain School

This year Stony Mountain School participated in the Take Pride Winnipeg, Plastic Bag Round-Up Challenge. The challenge took place during the entire month of October and involved the entire school. Students were encouraged to bring clean bags (plastic, grocery, bread, clothing) to school for remanufacturing into frisbees and plastic bags. The goal of this project was to teach the students about yet another R-remanufacturing. Every morning bags were collected from each classroom. Stony Mountain school collected an astounding total of 4000 bags. We received the book "Timmy the Tumble Bag", and will receive 50 frisbees for our school. As well, the winner of this challenge receives a plastic bench made from these bags. The number of bags had to be reported by November 2, and were taken to a Home Hardware location in Winnipeg for pick-up. We thank our community for a job well done.

Links and Resources:
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