Snow Stomp Haiti Fundraiser

School: Teulon Collegiate Institute

We followed the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake each morning on the internet in my (Ms. Page's) grade seven homeroom and science class. The kids were interested in helping the people affected, so I challenged each of the two grade seven classes to raise money for the Red Cross. I offered a pizza lunch as a prize for the class that raised the most money. Within the first couple of days of the challenge the two classes had raised several hundred dollars.

When the student leadership team heard that the grade sevens were raising funds for Haiti we decided to provide an opportunity for all students to raise funds. We contacted the Red Cross and asked what the process was to put on a fundraiser where we could offer people tax receipts for their contributions. We filled out some paper work and were on our way. On Thursday January 21, 2010, we had a snow stomp. We simply walked outside during our nutrition break and students brought money in to their home room teachers. The student leadership team provided hot chocolate to everyone after their walk and let students know that the homeroom that raised the most money would receive a pizza party. We raised $2437 in total. On January 26, 2010, five representatives from Teulon Collegiate Institute went to the Red Cross building to drop off our donation.

Kaiti, one of our students, has an adopted sister from Haiti. We asked Kaiti's mom, Barb, to come in to the school and talk to the grade seven students about Haiti. She has visited the country and was able to share a lot of information and a video about Haiti pre-earthquake.

 We kept this project simple as the students and community members were very aware of the situation. Because of all the information in the media, people simply wanted a way to donate funds to this cause.

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