Stony Kids Urge Action

School: Stony Mountain School

With the help of their teachers, Mrs. Safiniuk and Mr. Woodman, students in kindergarten and Grade 5 at Stony Mountain School brought awareness to their community regarding plastic bags that were blowing around the environment (found in ponds, as well as farmer's fields) around Stony Mountain garbage dump ( see article). Both grades were responsible for making decisions that reflect care, concern, and responsibility for the environment . This project matched the learning outcome 1-1-13 or the Grade 1 Science cluster : Characteristics and Needs of Living Things. The students developed, implemented, and evaluated personal and group action plans that contribute to a healthy environment for themselves and for other living things.

 Pictures were taken of the field, pond, and Rockwood Waste Transfer site on Winfield Road, and shared with students. Students discussed the hazards to the environment and other living things, then brainstormed both personal ideas to solve or improve this problem as well as solutions for the community to consider. They co-operatively wrote letters to the Argus, town council, and municipality in order to raise awareness about this issue. As a result, an article was published in the Argus and further ideas for implementation to reduce and re-use plastic bags in the town and municipality are being considered. Furthermore, students have also gone home to discuss the importance of reducing and re-using plastic bags in their homes.