Ten Thousand Villages/Ellice Cafe & Theatre/Christmas Cheer Board

School: Stony Mountain School

The Grade 7 students of Stony Mountain School, together with Mrs.D. Fenske, Mrs. Kisolowski, and a number of parent chaperones, travelled to Winnipeg to hear a presentation on the origins and philosophy of Ten Thousand Villages , an MCC project ( gr.7 S.S. outcome7-KG-036). The students connected their knowledge of Fair Trade with an existing business promoting and living the ideals of Fair Trade . From there, they travelled to Ellice Café, whose philosophy is to promote sustainable development within the community by shopping locally, recycling, composting, buying Fair Trade products and providing affordable meals for community members through its restaurant ( 7-S-103). Following the meal at Ellice Café, the students concluded their field trip by volunteering at the Christmas Cheer Board. The students eagerly filled food kits which potentially could feed 1250 people within the Winnipeg area (7-S-100). The students were aware that they had influenced the lives of others that day just by participating in this field trip.

Links and Resources:
Ten Thousand Villages 134 Plaza Drive Wpg Gwen Repeta 261-6387
Christmas Cheer Board 669-5369
Ellice Cafe, Ellice Ave, Wpg