Voices of Youth

School: Grosse Isle

This project included the grade six/seven class supervised by Mrs. Kristin Smith, and the grade five/six chior lead by Mrs. Andrea Schutz. The students in Mrs. Smith's classroom were organized into groups based on a sustainable development theme that interested them. Some such themes were child poverty, homelessness in Winnipeg, animal testing, and child soldiers. After researching extensively online, writing letters to businesses and organizations, listening to presentations, going out on field trips, and making phone calls, the students were ready to begin putting their projects together. Each group (which consisted of ont to three members) had four parts to their project: a speech, a Movie Maker vignette, a backboard and brochure, and a piece of art. Mrs. Smith, along with the grade six/seven students, also organized two bulletin boards. One included "Other Youth Who Inspired Us" and the other was based on their thoughts about their specific projects.

On Monday, May 10, 2010 the grade six/seven class put on a "Showcase Evening" and fundraiser. Each group presented their speeches followed by a showing of their vignettes. After the presentations, students stood by their backboards and fielded questions from parents, visitors, fellow students, and teachers. During the evening the grade five/six chior sang two songs that fit with the theme of the projects. The grade eight students helped with lighting, technical duties, and selling tickets for the silent auction. The grade six/seven art projects were also set up in an "Art Gallery" format for all the visitors to see.

This project met the divisional goal of sustainable development and covered all outcomes in the language arts curriculum. Other subject goals were met, however, they were project specific.

Another part of the project which deserves considerable mention was the fact that we had many parent volunteers who helped throughout the course of the project. Without them the project wouldn't have been as successful as it was!

Links and Resources:
There were many resources used throughout the course of this project:
- Hannah Taylor binder - grade 7
- Me to We by Craig and Marc Kielburger ISBN: 9780470153642
- "Free the Children" binder
- Christine Penner - Trip to Africa presentation
- Colleen Hailley - Environmental Studies student
- Manager from 10 000 Villages Henderson Highway Location
- Mark and Kelsey Grindey - Missionary Trips and Aboriginal Issues
Field Trip:
- Siloam Mission
- The Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story
Organizations that were contacted:
- Winnipeg Harvest
- World Wildlife Foundation
- Klinic
- Kids Helpline
- Movie Maker
- Microsoft Publisher (for brochures)
- Royalty Free Music Website
- Various other websites that were project specific

Donations for the silent auction were made by students, parents, teachers, and community members.