Growing Together


The Growing Together Program is going to be offered on the dates listed below, between two other preschool programs. The morning will look like this:
9:30 to 10:30 - Baby and Me Yoga
10:30 to 11:30 - Growing Together
11:30 to noon - Little Tykes Yoga

Our vision in offering this program was in response to requests from our preschool families for more local drop in programming and a meeting with ISD Resource Teacher for kindergarten readiness. The vision for this program is to offer a welcoming and fun environment for caregivers and their preschool children to meet, play and socialize. During the program there will be a craft table and a large open area for play with large and small muscle items. Families are encouraged to play with their children and explore environment. Each week a local professional will be invited to mingle, socialize and be available for families to ask questions. Each professional will have the freedom to present information in a format comfortable within their area of knowledge. I encourage you to bring resource material you identify as a need for local preschool families. As this is a pilot program we will be reviewing at the end of each day looking for way to improve our format.

During the morning families will be coming for the Baby and Me Yoga with infants newborn to toddler for 9:30. As the program ends, closer to 10:30, more families will arrive for the Growing Together and Little Tykes. These families will be greeted at the door. Children will be invited to play with their caregiver. Set up will be a craft table with different items each week. For example the first week we will be offering playdoh is a variety of colours and encouraging children to make a play doh creature. Children will be working on their creature encouraged to share colours of playdoh to create their creature. Tara will be circulating the room answering questions of caregivers and modeling language at the craft table with children. Many families do not have access to a Speech Language Pathologist and this is an opportunity for families to ask those questions being guided in the right direction to seek answers. Each week we are open to what you would like to do. We can make tables available for resource materials and displays. We are open to schedule a short period of time where you can present to caregivers only or set up scenarios to offer instruction to families. We are open to any possibilities. I hope this offers you enough information to present on topics you identify as a need.

 At 11:20ish we will be gathering together to clean up toys. I will be leading a song time and/or play a couple simple large group games. Families will naturally be gather and will transition to Little Tykes Yoga. You are invited to stay and join in for this part of the morning also. As noon approaches children and caregivers will be laying on yoga mats participating in a mindfulness exercise before concluding the program.

Location: Stonewall United Church Basement from 9:30 -12:00
January 23 - Tara Romanyszyn - Speech Language Pathologist
January 30 - Caroline Le Clair - Community Wellness Team
February 6 - Julie DeGroot - Occupational Therapist
February 13 - Angela Grandmont - Public Health
February 20 -  Larissa Friesen, Danielle DeGagne and Vicky Brzuskiewicz - Social Workers
February 27 - Heather Sanche - Resource Teacher from Ecole R.W. Bobby Bend School
March 6 - ??possibly Fit Kids Healthy Kids???
March 13 - Caroline Le Clair - Community Wellness Team