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Interlake School Division is making some big changes to their preschool programs starting in the fall of 2018.
Please check back soon to see the changes posted.
Sandy Sigurdson and Cynthia Jacobson will be unavailable from June 25th - September 4th.


Preschool Families Survey
Please let us know how we are doing by filling this short survey out
and either drop off at The Board Office in Stonewall or forward it to mprocter@isd21.mb.ca
Thank you


Weekly Update E-Mails now being sent!
Please email ssigurdson@isd21.mb.ca to register your email address. Please include your location and age(s) of your child(ren).


Through grants and monies provided through Healthy Child Manitoba, Interlake School Division, Interlake Early Childhood Development Coalition (IECDC) and the Interlake Board of Trustees, we are able to offer all of our programs free of charge to all of our Interlake Families.

In addition to programs we provide each and every infant born in our division a bag full of baby books to start the love of reading at a very early age. We provide each and every child starting Kindergarten in our division a bag filled with Kindergarten supplies to have the children excited about starting their path in school.

Study after study is out saying just how important the first five years of our children's lives are. We believe, through providing these programs and much more, we are on the right path to providing all we can to our Preschool Interlake Families.

We would like to thank our community partners:

IRHA, Interlake School Division and ALL Interlake School Division Staff, you make it happen! Last, but not least, our families. We appreciate your participation and feedback on each and every program. Thank you.





I'm Ready Booklet - Zero to 18 months
I'm Ready Booklet - Age 3
I'm Ready Booklet - Age 5
Challenge your child with engaging activities that help them learn, grow, and thrive.
Growing Up Healthy
Family Connections
Parents as First Teachers
Fatherhood is Forever
Feeding Your Child (From age 1 - 5)
FRP Canada Fammily Resource Programs
Nutrition Handbook for Early Learning and Child Care
10 Things Your School Age Child Wants You to Know
10 Things Your Baby Wants You to Know
Every Day I Learn Through Play!
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority Wellness E-Newsletter
Community wellness and Chronic Disease Education
"Saving Brains : A Grand Challenge"
Getting Ready for School: A  Parent's Guide  (English)
Préparer votre enfant pour l’école : Guide à l’intention des parents  (French)
I Love it Book in English and French
Books for Babies brochure
Public Health Agency of Canada
10 Things YourToddler Wants You to Know
Changing History, One Baby at a Time

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Interlake School Division Preschool Coordinators.

Sandy Sigurdson - ssigurdson@isd21.mb.ca or 204 794 5837

Cynthia Jacobson - cjacobson@isd21.mb.ca or call 204 299 1616

Available Monday - Friday.