Sandy has over 25 years experience in the Early Childhood Education field.

She is a CBA graduate, certified E.C.E. II and has a Red River College Advanced Sign Language Diploma.

Sandy is the recipient of the 2011 Healthy People in Healthy Communities Award.

As the Interlake School Division's Preschool Coordinator she also holds the hat of preschool program developer.

Many of the unique preschool programs in this school division are developed by Sandy.

She is a mother of one young child.


With over 20 years experience in the childcare field, Cynthia is a great asset to the Interlake School Division as a Preschool Coordinator.

She is the recipient of Healthy People in Healthy Communities Award 2011, has a Bachelor of Human Ecology (Family and Child Studies with a focus on Special Needs), a certified E.C.E. III and an Interlake mother of two young children.


Heather McDermid

Heather is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has been practising and studying the ancient art of Yoga for over 10 years. During this time, she has attended many classes, workshops, and retreats to help deepen her practice and better her teaching.

Heather achieved her Yoga Teacher’s Certification from Sandra Sammartino, a respected Yoga Master from British Columbia.Being a mother is very important to her practice, and she is fortunate enough to have trained with expert Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainer Janice Clarfield, and renowned Kids' Yoga Teacher Trainer Maalaa (Rosalie Lazar).

Other areas of study and interest for Heather include Meditation, Body Rolling, and Pranic Healing.


Sonja earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Manitoba and has spent over 15 years as an Early Childhood Educator.

In 2005 she started Wee Be Jammin', allowing her to combine her love of children and music.

 Today, Sonja continues to inspire young children through interactive, educational and fun music sessions.


Bethany Beaudry created Funky Monkey because she saw a need to offer something a little different than sport specific programs.

Bethany prides herself on building a program that hits all the physical literacy needs of children, so they learn a balance of all of the movement skills they need in order to play any sport or activity they wish.

Bethany has been working full-time in the public school system for 9 years, but this fall will be working part-time in the school system, organizing and teaching Funky Monkey classes and is pursuing a Masters degree in SelfDesign (Post-Modern and Integral Education).

Her passion is Physical Activity and working with movement and song.

However, her big dream is to open her own school that is child-centered and based on enthusiastic, natural learning with a focus on movement in a variety of learning experiences.

She hopes to be able to offer a place where children can learn by experience as well as learn to live in community with others, encouraging them to be their authentic selves.


Sisters Tanya Grimolfson and Desarae Bilinksi love Zumba, and they have joined forces to bring the dance/fitness craze to Manitoba.

Tanya has her certification as a Manitoba Fitness Council leader.

Today with younger sister Desarae, they combine their skills to teach adult and children Zumba classes all over the Interlake.

Zumbini is suitable for children and caregivers because it doesn’t seem like exercise It offers fun fitness opportunities to children and parents who may not be sports-oriented.

The two instructors regularly upgrade their training and attend the annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

Tanya is a busy working mom with young children yet she loves to keep herself challenged with new opportunities.

She loves to see families spend time together and often volunteers to organize local community events.

Tanya has a joie de vive that is highly contagious.

She brings this energetic atmosphere to all of her Zumbini classes.