Together Time Rhyme  TTR


TTR is a program for caregivers and their children aged 0-3.

We will be singing songs, learning rhymes and doing a craft together.

Why use rhymes? We know that babies won't understand the rhymes we use, however, they hear the sounds of the words, the rhythm of the language and see their caregiver's face forming the letters and syllables. All of these are aspects of language at a very basic level and are being rapidly soaked up by your little one. This is combined with the fun of interaction - silly faces, exciting bounces on your lap, clapping games and peek-a-boo as well as gentle, loving touches.

In a half hour of fun the participants learn 15-20 rhymes over a period of seven weeks. Many fun ways to play with your child are explored including simple books, finger rhymes, puppets, felt board, rhythm instruments and crafting together.

For more information please contact Cynthia Jacobson at 299-1616 or