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S.C.I. Course Descriptions 2018 - 2019
S.C.I. Grade 9/10 French Immersion Course Descriptions 2018 - 2019



2018-2019 Grade 9 French Immersion Course Selection Sheet

2018-2019 Grade 9 Course Selection Sheet

2018-2019 Grade 10 French Immersion Course Selection Sheet

2018-2019 Grade 10 Course Selection Sheet

2018-2019 Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet

2018-2019 Grade 12 Course Selection Sheet


Stonewall Collegiate Courses - Looking Towards The Future.....

Welcome to our 2018 - 2019 course descriptions booklet!
Here is some important information about the course selection process:

Course Selections will be completed online. Students will be in-serviced about course selections in April. Once students have registered, they will print their 2018-2019 course selections, verify it with an administrator and take it home for parents/guardians to see. Parents/Guardians – please make sure to go through this sheet with your student and make sure that you are fine with their course selections.

Course selection screens will be available to students and their parents via our PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal from the time of our in-class sessions until April 27th.

 Students must enter their selections by April 27th, as selection screens will not be available after this date. If students wish to make changes after April 27th, they must speak to an administrator.

Your son/daughter has received a course selection sheet, which lists all of the courses available on the course selection screens. Each of the courses listed on the sheet are described in this course description booklet. It is important to note that any of the courses we offer must meet minimum registration requirements in order for us to deliver the course. Please take the time to read the course descriptions, take note of course fees, and ask us for further information if necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to review the courses in this booklet and for assisting us in planning together for the future.
Jason Cassils