SPORTS PROGRAM 2017 - 2018


Sport SCI Staff Rep(s) Season
Golf B. Mooney September
Cross Country R. Gabel/M. Conger-M0rrison September-October
Soccer (Boys) J. Cassils September-October
Soccer (Girls) A. Harris/C. Brunel September-October
Hockey (Boys) K. Nixon/B. Mooney September-March
Volleyball (JV Boys) D. Wall September-November
Volleyball (JV Girls) K. Kerelchuk September-November
Volleyball (Var. Boys) O. Nishi September-November
Volleyball (Var. Girls) B. Baldwin/J. Risk September-November
Basketball (JV Boys) C. McCluskey November-March
Basketball (JV Girls) R. Misonne/C. Novakowski November-March
Basketball (Var. Boys) J. Loochuk November-March
Basketball (Var. Girls) C. Steeves November-March
Badminton (JV) & (Var.) D. Wall      K. Kerelchuk March-May
Track and Field C. Steeves March-June
Curling C. Grieve October-March
Rugby (Girls) H. McAuley April-June
Baseball ( Boys) K. Nixon April-June
Fastball (Girls) R. Brewster     D. Johnson May-June
Beach Volleyball O. Nishi May-June


Notes: Sports are open to all grades except where noted as JV or Var.

Junior Varsity (Grades 9 and 10)

Varsity (Grades 11 and 12)

Sports are open to both genders except where separate teams exist.