In Person Registration
starts August 28, 2014.

Dance (Adults and Youth)

F14/69 Belly Dance - by Karla
Raks Sharki or Bellydancing is a visual expression of joy and a celebration of love and life! These classes are an introduction to the magic of this ancient, sensual dance form. Please bring soft dance slippers (or go bare foot but the floors may be cold ), water bottle, notebook & pen and a hip scarf. Wear comfortable clothing. Instructor: Karla Yanina, who is a classical Middle Eastern dance artist, performer, dance instructor and Passionate dancer.
8 Wednesdays starting September 24, 2014
6:30 - 7:45 p.m. Stony Mountain - Music Room
Fee: $80

 F14/70 Jive/Fox Trot / Basic Ballroom - Ages 16 and up
Award winning dance teachers John and Leslie Cartwright are coming to Teulon.
While part of the 'Juke Box Jivers' seen on HTV Wales and around the UK the couple realized Jive Dance and Ballroom was complex for some and rigid in the way it was being taught. They designed a new way of teaching how to master dance moves, introducing their method to the east coast of Canada. Later teaching at a couple of Manitoba studios and for five years for activity events in the Winnipeg Leisure Magazine they moved to the Interlake to retire from dance but the itch to dance would not go away. NOW they are again delivering their fun dance classes in Teulon.
One newspaper described them as able to dispel any fears or anxiety you might have, able to make you laugh, and they encourage anyone with more than one left foot to sign up as well. 'Everyone can Dance," they say "Just come along and join in the fun."
It is recommended that you sign up with a ‘partner’. If you don’t have a partner, we can pair you up with someone!
6 Fridays starting September 26, 2014
7:00 - 8:30 at Teulon Collegiate
Fee: $45 per person