French Immersion in the Interlake

French Immersion in the Interlake? Mais Oui!

French Immersion is a second language program designed for children whose first language is not
French and who have little or no knowledge of French prior to entering the program.
The goal of French Immersion is to bring students to a level of bilingualism sufficient to function in a French environment when they graduate from secondary school.

Important Benefits of Second Language Learning:
• Enhances career opportunities
• Strengthens vocabulary, listening skills and communication skills
• Increases achievement in reading, language skills and mathematics
• Improves literacy; reading skills are shown to be transferable from one language to another
• Makes travel abroad more exciting
• Furthers study opportunities

Students are admitted into our French Immersion program in Kindergarten or Grade One. The Interlake School Division would consider admission in later grades under exceptional circumstances. Parents/guardians are not required to complete a “School of Choice” form as French Immersion is a divisional program. Regardless of catchment area within the division, students will be accepted in the French Immersion program.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in French Immersion in the Interlake School Division please contact:

Greg Ross, Principal
École R. W. Bobby Bend School
204 467 5537
Ed Harvie - Principal
École Stonewall Centennial School
204 467 5502
Jason Cassils - Principal
Stonewall Collegiate Institute
204 467 5539

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