Grosse Islel School


We at Grosse Isle School will foster a safe environment that encourages life - long learning, respect and appreciation for all in order to prepare students to reach their full potential and to become productive members of society.





Grosse Isle School is a middle years school (grades 5 - 8) located in a rural community just off of highway #6 and path 321.

 We currently have registered 33 students as follows:
Gr. 5 - 18 students     Gr. 6 - 9 students    Gr. 7  - 7 students      Gr. 8 - 9 students

Grosse Isle School has 3 teaching classrooms, a multi-purpose room used for music and teaching, a gym, and a library/computer lab.

Our staff is made up of a principal, 3 teachers; a part-time administative assistant, 2 part-time educational assistants, a part-time library clerk, and a part-time custodian.

 Grosse Isle School provides the provincially approved programs in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, French, Music, Physical Education and Art.

 In addition we offer the following: Resource/Student Services  -  Life Skills Program  -  Information Technology  -  Guidance Counselling Services  -  Divisional Sports  -  Intramural Sports  -  Family Life Education

Interlake School Division Foundational Beliefs

We believe...
• In fostering independent, lifelong learners who are critical and creative thinkers.
• In nurturing responsible global citizens who have respect and empathy for others in a diverse society.
• In communicating in a way that facilitates the open-minded sharing of ideas.
• In creating a challenging, caring, inviting and respectful learning community.
• That we must address the needs of all learners in a safe and engaging learning environment.
• That we must provide appropriate resources to meet a range of learning needs.

Grosse Isle School Philosophy

The success of a school is largely dependent upon the cooperative efforts of the staff and the community in providing a learning experience for each student in a secure environment that:
- Develops a positive self-concept in students
- Develops in each student the ability to think critically, read, communicate and compute
- Encourages each student to adopt a healthy lifestyle which will enable them to become valuable, contributing members of society
- Develops in each student understanding, respect and a sense of responsibility towards others
- Cultivates interests in each student that may be the basis for personal development and leisure pursuits
In order to function as an institution dedicated to learning and to the implementation of life skills (cooperation, mutual respect, rights of personal property, etc.) the school will attempt to foster a wholesome, healthy, learning environment which is stimulating, friendly, organized and consistent. It is our belief this kind of environment will allow for the development of happy, well adjusted and productive students, who will be encouraged to show, through their actions, respect for the rights and property of others, as well as respect for themselves and our environment.