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Stonewall Collegiate Designated Manitoba’s First and Canada’s Second Fair Trade School!

Thanks to the hard work and commitment by both students and staff, Stonewall Collegiate has earned the recognition of becoming Manitoba’s First Fair Trade Designated School on June 10, 2015.

 The Business students at Stonewall Collegiate have been the driving force behind the designation. Chase Wilson, a Grade 12 student, summed up the experience: “Our class is made up of people who would not necessarily get involved in social justice issues, but over the last four years we have developed a passion for fair trade that has brought us together.” Another Grade 12 student, Sherry LaCoste adds: “Being part of the Fairtrade movement has helped me understand the struggles people in developing countries have. It is important for everyone to become educated if we really want to make a change.”

 As a Business teacher, Chalmers maintains: “It’s important to discuss why our current system of trade is not ethical or sustainable. In our school we have always approached fair trade as a consumer choice. Once people are educated about the realities and benefits of a fairer system of trade they often do what they can to support it.”

 Jason Cassils, Vice-Principal at Stonewall Collegiate, adds: “SCI is proud to be recognized as the first Fair Trade Designated School in Manitoba. Our students are leaders in making peers, staff, parents and community members aware of fair trade products and issues.”

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