“We can do it!”


At Rosser School we believe everyone has something important to offer, and collectively we can achieve higher goals. We understand that every one of us is good at something, but no one person is good at everything. We strive to motivate and support. We are confident that through effort and perseverance we all can achieve our personal best.

Our goal is to help each child believe, “I can do it!”

Children can learn. They can be strong and healthy, and they can contribute to their community. With the knowledge that kindness surrounds them, “We can do it!”


Rosser School is Kindergarten to Grade 4 School located at the south end of the Interlake School Division on Provincial Road 221 in the village of Rosser. It serves the communities of Rosser and Grosse Isle. With a staff of five teachers, an administrative assistant, library clerk, teaching assistant and custodian, Rosser School offers all the services of a larger school. The outdoor playground green space is large and has a running track along its perimeter. There is an outdoor playground structure, and an outdoor classroom area as well.

The communities that we serve, parents, and staff work cooperatively to provide a safe and caring learning environment. We are committed to the excellent development both academically and emotionally of our early years students.

The important thing about Rosser School is that students are set up to learn, students care about each other, and teachers are kind and helpful.