Rosser Elementary School


Start Strong Grow Strong


Rosser School is committed to providing children with an excellent Early Years environment in which to begin their school years. Strong academics combined with a cooperative learning focus results in resilient children eager to learn and work with their peers.


SUPPLY LISTS FOR 2014 - 2015
Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4



Rosser School is an Early Years School located at the south end of Interlake School Division on Provincial Road 221 in the village of Rosser. It serves the communities of Rosser and Grosse Isle. With a staff of three teachers, a secretary, library clerk, teaching assistant and custodian, Rosser School offers all the services of a larger school. We teach all the Manitoba Curriculum courses as well as Basic French. Our school has a strong arts component with presentations and concerts at Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Festival of the Arts participation, as well as a Student-Run Talent Show in the spring. We offer daily Physical Education and have an excellent running/walking track with fitness stations. We have state of the art playground equipment and an outdoor classroom. The communities that we serve, parents and staff work cooperatively to provide a safe and caring Learning environment. We are committed to the excellent development both academically and emotionally of our early years students.