To enable each student to realize his / her full potential as a contributing and responsible member of society.

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL 2014 - 2015

École R. W. Bobby Bend School is a K-4 Early Years School located in Stonewall, Manitoba. With an approximate enrollment of four hundred (400) students, we have four (4) alternate full day Kindergarten classes, six (6) Grade 1 classes, four (4) Grade 2 classes, four (4) Grade 3 classes, and four (4) Grade 4 classes. We are very pleased to offer French Immersion programs from Kindergarten to Grade 4. Our staff consists of a Principal, a Vice Principal, twenty-eight (28) classroom teachers, and ten (10) support staff members. We offer resource programs and guidance services. In addition, we are supported by divisional psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. We are very fortunate to have close access to Quarry Park as this amenity is located in our backyard. We are able to take advantage of this by offering year round extra-curricular activities such as cross country running in the fall, snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter, running club in the spring, and picnics in the early summer. We have great students, great families, great staff members, and we are very proud of our school!