French Immersion

French Immersion in the Interlake

Are you interested in an exciting educational opportunity for your child?


Consider French Immersion!

French Immersion provides the opportunity for non-francophone students to become functionally bilingual in French. French Immersion is designed for children whose first language is not French and who have little or no knowledge of French prior to entering the program. Instruction in the French Immersion program will parallel the regular English program in structure, content, and academic standards.

If you require more information about the French Immersion program from Kindergarten to Grade 4 please contact:

Mr. G. Ross, Principal - École R. W. Bobby Bend School - (204) 467-5537

All students enrolled in the French Immersion program at École R. W. Bobby Bend School are guaranteed French Immersion from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Highlights of the French Immersion Program:

-  There is a high demand for bilingual staff in every sector of the economy – from retail to technology.

 -  No special skills are required. Children with all types of academic ability can succeed in French Immersion.

 -  Parents of children enrolled in French Immersion are not expected or required to understand or speak French.

 -  Learning a second language has been shown to have a positive impact on intellectual growth. In fact, studies suggest learning a second language can enhance cognitive and intellectual abilities.

 -  It strengthens vocabulary, listening and communication skills.

 -  No one regretted the opportunity to learn another language.

French Immersion is currently being offered at École R. W. Bobby Bend School in Stonewall for Kindergarten,
Grade One, Grade Two, Grade 3, and Grade 4.

“In the upcoming school year we will be offering French Immersion in Kindergarten (2 classes),
Grade 1 (2 classes), Grade 2 (2 classes), Grade 3 (2 classes), and Grade 4 (2 classes).
The French Immersion Program will continue to be supported by the Interlake School Board until Grade 12.
Kindergarten and Grade One are official entry points into the French Immersion Program.