Criteria for Interlake School Division General Proficiency Award

 • Well-rounded student

• Above average academically

• Respectful and cooperative

• Involved in all aspects of school life

• Courteous, displays good manners, and exercises self-control at all times.

The student recipient receives a plaque and $1000 from the Interlake School Division Board. The criterion is outlined by the Division and the selection is made by the school staff.


Click here for a complete and up-to-date pdf version of the Planning for University/College Document  which includes the information below as well as Admission Procedures and Scholarships available.


Grade 11 and Grade 12 STUDENTS

Scholarships and bursaries are an excellent way to boost your financial resources. This website is a good place to start to discover awards available to Warren Collegiate students. There are likely a host of other awards out there that we don’t know about, so do some research. Other places you might explore include; employers, parents’ employers or unions, service organizations, community groups, and the internet.

 There are many excellent sites available for students to research careers and scholarships. Some of these are:

Careers :
Username: Warren
Password: collegiate


The guidance department can provide admission information, application forms, University One information, university course information, scholarship/bursary information and other information on universities and colleges. Appointments can be made by visiting Ms. Wuerch in the guidance department.

Please click on the link at the top of this page or the one to the right called Planning for University/College Document for more information.